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Sharing my ideas, knowledge, and pictures…


These are my travel stories and photos, including some competition documentations. Enjoy!

Sharing my ideas, knowledge, and pictures…

The banner for this site also conveys its own part of my life story (ordered from the newest to the oldest) :

  • The Sydney Skyline, used from the 10th of April 2009 until present
    • Taken from the Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney in March 2009
  • The Hong Kong Skyline, used from the 22nd of January 2008 until 10th of April 2009
    • Taken from the Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong in November 2007
  • The Tokyo Skyline, used from May 2007 until January 2008
    • Taken from Hilton Tokyo Bay, Tokyo in March 2007
  • A Bird on the Sea, used from 2006 until May 2007
    • Taken from a ship on the way from Athens to Hydra (Greece) in September 2004

-Andrian Kurniady

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