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Day 5 (September 23rd) - Google Interviews

The fifth day in the series is not particularly interesting to be written. The day started with me getting up at around 8am, prepared, and went down to the lobby to have breakfast with Jack (from Australia) and Jonathan (from Malaysia) in a Subway outlet nearby. It was mildly raining at that time, but the weather got better later on. Andoko departed at around 11am, after we checked out of our rooms. I left my luggage with the concierge since I was going to go to my uncle and auntie’s house only later in the afternoon after the interviews.

My interviews were scheduled to begin at around noon, started with a lunch in Google’s. It was a series of four interviews to finish later in the afternoon, which I can’t disclose the details since it’s under NDA. Jonathan was having the same interview schedule with me, but with different interviewers. During the lunch (before we started), I also met Ardian KP and Prima, who had already finished theirs and are going to depart from Sydney in the afternoon.

After the interviews, we returned back to the hotel. I waited a while for my cousin to pick me up, and Jonathan was waiting for his airport shuttle to arrive. My cousin (with his wife) took me to dinner (in a Korean/Japanese restaurant) after that, and my uncle picked us up back in the hotel after we finished. I’ll be staying in their house for the next three nights while travelling around Sydney.

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-Andrian Kurniady

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  2. flanflygirl December 8th, 2008 10:31 am

    makan makan! makan makan! makan makaaaaaaaaaaan!

    eh loh, suara hati gw kok terbaca tuh :P. makan makaaan! cieh keterima di gugle, gw teror lu. makan makaaan!!

    :( perjalanan gw masih jauh… >_

  3. […] Day 5 (September 23rd) - Google Interviews […]

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