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Day 8 (April 12th) - Departure from Vancouver

The eight day is quite uneventful. The hotel’s shuttle’s driver was sick so we were sent to the airport with two taxi cabs paid by the hotel. The check in process was normal as well, and since the flight is quite empty, we were allocated one complete row for just the 6 of us. The Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777 has 3+3+3 configuration, so we have three empty seats inbetween, which is nice.

After having lunch in the food court (and spending most of our remaining coins), we proceeded to the security check and directly to the waiting hall. To our surprise, there was no immigration exit control when leaving Canada (not a valid reason to overstay your visas though :P ).

(A garden inside the departure hall)

(Duty free shops)

(A wider view)

After some 5-10 minutes of walking, we are already in front of the boarding gate. The aircraft was already there. After a prolonged journey in Canada, we’re finally going home :lol:

(It had been a looooong way :D )

(The departure hall)

(Beautiful clouds in the bright sky over the aircraft)

It was quite an uneventful flight to Seoul. We are mainly flying under the bright sunlight. While trying to sleep, I accidentally saw out of the window and find these beautiful snowy Alaskan mountains down there.

(Handycams won’t take perfect photos :lol: )

The eight day ended as we cross the International Date Line, which brought us one day ahead to April the 13th.

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-Andrian Kurniady

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