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Archive for June, 2007

ACM ICPC INC 2007 - Final Round Solutions

In this page I will try to explain the solutions I made during the competition for the problems that I solved, and some ideas I got about the problems that I do not solve. Please download and view the problem statements (available from Felix Halim’s site) before reading, otherwise you may get lost on what I am talking about. I will explain it by the order we got it accepted.

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The ACM ICPC Indonesia National Contest 2007

This year is the first year for BiNus to host a contest bearing the ACM ICPC logo, in form of Indonesia National Contest (INC) 2007. In previous years, BiNus organized a yearly competition called Bina Nusantara Programming Contest for College Students (BNPC-CS). As a preparation to host an Asian Regional Contest site in 2008, since this year, BNPC-CS is changed into ACM ICPC INC which is now a competition for teams of three peoples. This time, my team consists of myself, Dennis Andika Suryawijaya, and Peter Suryaatmaja, and I chose “kurniady” as the team name because I don’t have any other idea for the team name :)
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