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Day 7 (March 17th) - Downtown Tokyo (East Part) : Ueno, Ginza, Tsukiji, Asakusa, Akihabara

Our last effective day in Tokyo was spent traveling the eastern part of Tokyo. We went down to have a breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant, and followed Mr. Raymond’s suggestion of walking to Akihabara for its closer station location.

We took a train to Ueno Station, which is just right next to the Ueno Park. The park itself is quite big.

It was not very crowded the time we arrived there, but it gets crowded around noon. It consists of several streets with big trees planted neatly on the sides.

I read about the predicted cherry blossom of spring 2007 and it was on Sunday (March 18th). I guess we are lucky, since we found some blossoming cherry trees in various sites of the park.

There is also a shrine (don’t know whether it is a shrine or a temple, they looks quite similar…) inside the park. Another buildings includes some museum, some restaurant, as well as some other Japanese-style buildings.

Mr. Raymond called the station again and was confirmed that his backpack was found in a station which is located somewhere out of the town. He left to fetch his backpack and we agreed to meet in the Sony Building at Ginza.

We walked around the park and accidentally found a lake next to the park. At the center of the lake is another shrine, and leading there is a street full of traditional food stalls. We tried some takoyaki and a grilled squid.

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