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Day 3 (March 13th) - Techtrek and Excursion to Disney Sea

We woke up a little bit late today, but still got the time to have some good breakfast. Today, we will be going through the IBM’s Techtrek program and to the DisneySea to have some fun.

The menu was a combination of Japanese and Western style of breakfast. Soon after that, we went down to the bus heading to the Ambassador Hotel, for the scheduled Techtrek program by IBM.

This program is basically a showcase of leading areas of the current research in IBM.

(Photo taken by Mr. Raymondus Kosala)

Somebody mentioned about Web 3.0 (3D internet), which is basically just like a massively multiplayer game (shown with the game Second Life). Another interesting project is the Genographic project, which tries to find the correlation of genetics from peoples around the world with the geographic environment they are in.

(Photo taken by Mr. Raymondus Kosala)

The other topic was about the SSME (Service Science Management and Engineering, if I’m not mistaken), a new field that IBM is trying to introduce to universities.

To our surprise, one of the speaker was Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of the famous Ruby programming language. He explained about what it takes to make a good software.

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