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Day 5 (March 15th) - The World Final and Awards Ceremony

Participants are not allowed to bring any electronic devices during the world final, therefore I did not take any picture during 5 hours of the contest. We woke up as usual, had a nice breakfast, and then gather in the front the Crystal ballroom. Some teams took picture with the trophy. The spectators entered the room first, and as participants we enter the room after all of the spectators have seated.

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Day 4 (March 14th) - Opening Ceremony and Practice Session

Day 4 starts with an usual breakfast in the hotel, after which we moved into the competition room set for the practice sessions (which was in the Crystal Ballroom of Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel). We were assigned the computer number 06, and our neighbors was Caltech, Carnegie-Mellon, Fudan, and others. (if I remembered correctly)

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Day 3 (March 13th) - Techtrek and Excursion to Disney Sea

We woke up a little bit late today, but still got the time to have some good breakfast. Today, we will be going through the IBM’s Techtrek program and to the DisneySea to have some fun.

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