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Day 2 (March 12th) - Arrival in Tokyo

We went back to the hotel for check-in. Had to wait for a while because there are many people queuing.

The rooms are quite good, just like a standard hotel room.

(Photo taken by Felix Halim)

(Photo taken by Ms. Yenlina Prasetio)

Because we hardly had any sleep since departure from Jakarta, we decided to take some rest, as our registration was scheduled at 6 PM.

(Photo taken by Mr. Raymondus Kosala)

After the registration process, which include checking on the team notebook, we had some dinner (sponsored by IBM).

The IBM CyberCafe opened up just after the dinner, offering internet access for everyone in need. It was in the Matsukaze room, which seems to be normally a tepanyaki Japanese restaurant. There was also a chess board, some card game, the Dance Dance Revolution, and some snacks and drinks.

(Photo taken by Mr. Raymondus Kosala)

The second days’ story ended as we went back to the hotel room and take some rest.

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-Andrian Kurniady

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