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Day 2 (March 12th) - Arrival in Tokyo

We arrived at Narita airport, Tokyo, at about 7am in the morning. The time in Tokyo is GMT+9, which is two hour ahead of Jakarta. Due to the lack of sleep, most of us felt quite exhausted. The temperature in Tokyo was very cold for us who lives in a tropical region, but thankfully I brought a very good wool coat with me (which I wore almost all the time in Tokyo, except when sleeping).

Before departure, I got an email from the ICPC World Final committee that there will be some people welcoming us at the Airport at 8am, therefore we waited quite a while in the airport and make some phone call back home with a public phone. We decided not to rent any cellphone because it was too expensive and require some credit cards. Having waited for a while, we noticed nobody showed up as expected, and decided to take the Limousine bus for Disney Resort, which will take us to the Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel (which resides in the Disney Resort complex).

(Photo taken by Ms. Yenlina Prasetio)

When we go outside the airport building waiting for the bus, we learned how cold is 6 degree Celcius in temperature (which never happens in Jakarta). It took about an hour for the Limousine bus (which, despite of its name, is just a normal bus) to reach the Disney Resort.

Its quite weird to know that the Hilton Tokyo Bay hotel, is just a 4-star hotel (not 5), but I think the facilities are just about the same with other 5-star hotels I ever visited.

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